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Load Bearing Capabilities

Quality shelving from ShelfSave all rigourously tested 

We stand by the quality of our products and they are designed to meet our strict quality requirements, in many cases the shelving offered is made exclusive to us. 

For complete peace of mind we independently test all our shelving to stringent European standards (TUV) so you can be confident that the shelving purchased today is more than up to the job intended.

How is our shelving tested?

A load test is carried out every day by our factory to ensure ongoing product quality and safety. Shelves are assembled and then gradually loaded with heavy steel weights. Capacity and deflection levels are measured and compared to the approved standards. Shelves are normally tested to destruction so that the permissible safety margin can also be checked. This safety margin is normally at least twice the advertised shelving load capacity.

All our high quality shelving units are designed to be built at home and are really easy to assemble,

There are no fiddly nuts or bolts and only a rubber mallet is required for assembly in minutes.  It couldn’t be simpler.

What measurement do we use for shelf capacity?

A universal standard for shelf capacity is UDL - this is the distributed weight each shelf can take.  The higher this number (we measure in KG) the more weight that can be put onto the shelf safety.

UDL = Uniform Distribution Load